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"Dr. YAP"
Eye Hospital

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"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory providing integrated services, having a good level of examination accuracy, supported by sophisticated laboratory equipment, and with the person in charge of the laboratory of a Clinical Pathology Specialist Doctor.

Quality Commitment

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory constantly conducting quality audits both internally and externally aimed at ensuring that the quality standards that have been set can be maintained at all times.

HR and Technology

Through a culture that is implemented into a work culture, "Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory always trying to provide optimal service for customer satisfaction. In addition to superior human resources, "Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory has advantages in the field of technology, constantly renewing equipment regularly to keep up with technological developments so that the quality of service always improves from time to time.

Certificates and Awards

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory has received various certificates and awards at the local, regional and national levels as our commitment to prioritizing quality, innovation for progress, and plenary service.



"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory has a high commitment to realizing high quality diagnostic results through various types of services in order to fulfill customer satisfaction and trust.

1. Full Blood Automatic

Hematology Auto Analyzercombined with experienced medical personnel at the Eye Hospital Laboratory “Dr. Yap” is able to handle requests for blood tests to check for blood disorders such as anemia, infections or other white blood cell disorders, allergies and blood clotting disorders.

2. Clinical Chemistry

Examination that aims to detect the content of biochemical substances in the blood including enzyme activity, among others: Liver Function, Kidney Function, Fat Profile, Electrolytes etc. "Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory usesAutomatic Analyzerwith the latest technology and integrated through the Hospital Information System (HIS).

3. Microbiology

As an Eye Hospital, our laboratory supports a variety of basic microbiological examinations including Gram stain, KOH, giemsa, methylene blue as well as sensitivity cultures for eye infection preparations. Microbiology service "Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory also supports the production of local and national antibiograms, and has complete eye infection data to support services and education.

4. Immunology

Blood tests can be done at the "Dr. Eye Hospital Laboratory". Yep”, aims to detect early viral infections, estimate immune status and monitor post-vaccination responses.

5. Anatomical Pathology

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory carry out anatomic pathology examinations through microscopic examination of tissue cells to examinations with special staining and immunohistochemistry for eye tumors.

6. Checking for COVID-19

“Dr. Yap” Eye Hospital focus on specific services by strictly screening for COVID-19. Our laboratory supports testing for antibodies and antigen swabs for SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) in order to create a hospital that is always safe and comfortable to visit during a pandemic.


Personal Service

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory committed to realizing high-quality diagnostic results through various types of services in order to fulfill customer satisfaction and trust.

Corporate and Referral Services

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratoryhas medical examination services for various companies, both general and special eye examinations with professional and reliable services. "Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory has been trusted as a partner for many companies in Indonesia. We are also able to partner with other clinics and hospitals for patient referral services and examination samples as a trusted partner./p>

Home Service

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory providing convenience for customers is our commitment by providing home service for sample inspection at the location desired by the customer.

Autologo Serum Manufacturing Service

"Dr. YAP" Eye Hospital Laboratory always supports patient recovery by providing services for therapy, namely the manufacture of autologous serum. Patients only need to bring a prescription for autologous serum to the Pharmacy Installation of the “Dr. Yep” for taking consumable medical materials. Next, the patient will be directed to the laboratory for the manufacture of autologous serum.